Xandro is a proven stud of lovely, healthy, versatile and well-balanced puppies. Scroll down for more information about his offspring.


Breedingname: Xandro von den Buschchaoten
Nickname: Xandro, Pinsel
Sire: Aico von Hamels Hof
Dam: Darling Jamba with power and spirit
Breedingnumber: VDH/ZBrH BOC 16725 ; ÖHZB BORC 3643
Breeder: Eva Busch, Germany
Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Black & white
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 27.03.2013
Size: 52,5cm
Weight: 19,5kg
Bite: all teeth, scissor bite, no tendency for plaque even at the age of 7
Eyes: Clear from all eye diseases (4’2014, 3’2015, 4’2016, 9’2018, 12’2020)
Gonioscopy: clear (4’2014)
Hipscore: A
Ellbowscore: 0/0
OCD: free
Patella-Luxation: 0/0 (inofficial result)
IGS: n/n (normal)
CEA, CL und TNS: free (Slovgen Laboratory)
MDR 1: +/+
Glaucoma DNA n/g (carrier, Slovgen Laboratory)
Raine Syndrome/Dental Hypomineralization: n/n (free, Slovgen Laboratory)
DNA-Profile: available (ISAG 2006, Slovgen Laboratory)
Carrier of dilute, tricolor and sable. (KB/ky, ay/at, D/d, B/B)


Xandro is the most friendly, open, cheerful and well-balanced male I have ever met. He truly is a pleasure to live with because he is so wonderfully uncomplicated. Xandro could be taken everywhere from a very young age, because he was able to relax everywhere right from the beginning and still is very easy to handle. Besides that, he is everything else than a couch potato but a powerful male – but just when it is appropriate. Xandro impresses with his very strong nerves and his strong character, which he proves to me in every situation in life. He welcomes people and dogs always in a friendly way and loves to make himself quickly „everybody’s darling“. He is very social with other dogs and tries to avoid any conflicts. Words like insecurity or fear are foreign for Xandro and he is no sensitive dog. He sometimes has his own opinion, which I personally like very much. For example, even at the age of 7, he still thinks that in restaurants he has to roll himself more and more into the middle of the aisle, so that visitors come by to crawl his sweet belly. I have never seen a dog that is so at peace with himself and does not need much to be happy.For a long time, Xandro often accompanied me to my university, where he was a great companion and the star of the class, both during lessons and in the breaks. As my other dogs tend to get excited, I appreciate Xandro for his incredibly relaxed, confident and friendly nature. Such a sweet dog is one in a million!

But you shouldn’t think that he is a boring dog at all, because he is quite multi-talented and fun for everyone. He always likes action besides his normal walks, no matter if you take him to dog trainings or go for a run, cycling or swimming. Just as it should be for a Border Collie. Every week, Xandro herds sheep in training and also works there actively for about an hour. In training, Xandro is a calm and focused Border Collie with a clear mind and no barking tendency. He shows concentration and speed in obedience, agility, the weekly trainings on the sheep and all the activities like tricks, frisbee, lunging and a nice willingness to work. He has a high play instinct, but can also work for food. He is easy to motivate and tries to perform the exercises to satisfaction. Because Xandro is easy to guide and uncomplicated, it is great fun to work and live with him. We are very happy to have made such a lucky choice with Xandro, which exceeds all our expectations of a Border Collie!


46 shows in total, 46 placements

International Champion
Austrian Champion
Serbian Champion
Bosnian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Slovakian Champion
Champion of Champions Hungary 2016
Slovakia Cup Winner Nitra 2014
Austrian Youth-Champion
BIS Puppy
Candidate for czech championship


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Results offspring

Currently, Xandro has sired 91 puppies in 17 litters worlwide; 42 males and 49 females. The smallest litter consisted of one puppy (AI) and the largest was 9 puppies. From 12 litters, a total of 33 puppies passed their health results with brilliant results: 30x HD A/A, 1 x HD A/B 2x HD B/B, 31x ED-clear, 25x OCD-clear, 2x OCD-positive . Some austrian, czech, slovakian and belgian puppies were also examined for spondylosis and LTV and were all clear. Furthermore, all offspring which have done their ECVO eye examintion passed with perfectly clear results. To my knowledge, no missing teeth were reported. Xandro’s dominantly producing his sporty, elegant and balanced type and until now, Xandro produced beautifully dark puppies; no splitfaces or puppies with white heads were born so far. His puppies are suitable both for shows, any kind of dogsport and make great familymembers. Of course, it’s possible to ship semen; he showed an excellent quality (viability: 92%) when his sperm was examined in March 2022. His clinical breeding examination also showed perfectly healhy results (testicles, prostate). Semen of Xandro is stored in Austria and in the USA and is ready to be shipped worldwide anytime. All detailed health information as well as a picture to each puppy of Xandro can be found in Anadune; I always keep it up to date.


First frisbee-tournament (with another foreign co-handler)

Herding 14 months

Obedience, heeling position

Agility, Foundations Class

Obedience & Slalom


Longieren – first try

Xandro with 7 months

Xandro now works „full-time“ at the sheep-classes every week, while Agility and in Obedience is only done „part-time“. We don’t have any tournament ambitions, because I’m much too nervous for that myself and we prefer to do things for fun. But neither he nor I mind. 🙂
Besides that, we play Frisbee from time to time (Xandro has already successfully participated in tournaments) and do trickdogging at home.

You can find many more videos on our youtube-page and even more on my facebook-profile!


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Document 2


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Many more pictures of Xandro can be found *here*!


Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Shadow of the Sheen Amber Rose „Pixie“ – Hungary (05/2023)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x New Dream’s Border Standout „Vita“ – Croatia (04/2022)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Borderfame Tridntru At HotShot „Tru“ – USA (03/2022), AI

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Cataleya Rose My Heart’s Desire „Rio“ – Slovenia (06/2021)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Bang Bang Legemond „Bang“ – Slovakia (04/2021)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Highland Breezes Into Th Light „Mila“ – Germany, AI (04/2021)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Charmed by Life z Černobílých „Cherry“ – Czech Republic (02/2021)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x First Lady From Border Motion „Lady“ – Netherlands, AI (01/2021)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Bite my Dust of Borderwood „Lola“ – Serbia (03/2019)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Justintime of Dreams Forever „Justy“ – Belgium (12/2018)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Angels Never Die Aenid „Enid“ – Hungary (04/2018)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Corral West’s Darkness Before Dawn „Raven“ – USA, AI (10/2017)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Elegant Eywa od Cidliny „Eywa“ (05/2017)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Heart of Jade from the lovely Annie „Jade“ (05/2017)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Precious little Diamond of Cleverland „Lia“ (09/2016)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Blossom Locyka Fitmin „Locy“ (07/2016)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Dessy Austrian Stonefield „Dessy“ (01/2016)

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Sunny Blue Foxy Fox „Tea“ (07/2015)


Some pictures of his offspring

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…and just because I’m so proud, I would like to forward you to two offspring of Xandro. If you click on their names, you will be forwardet to their websites. Have a look at their beautiful temperament descriptions:

Xandro’s son, Gallant Greyson od Cidliny *Dante*

Xandro’s daughter, A Little Countess of Speedborders *Xen*

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