Xandro is a proven stud of lovely, healthy, versatile and well-balanced puppies.


Breedingname: Xandro von den Buschchaoten
Nickname: Xandro, Pinsel
Sire: Aico von Hamels Hof
Dam: Darling Jamba with power and spirit
Breedingnumber: VDH/ZBrH BOC 16725 ; ÖHZB BORC 3643
Breeder: Eva Busch
Ownerer: Benedikt Beyerknecht
Breed: Border Collie
Colour: Black & white
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 27.03.2013
Size: 52,5cm
Weight: 19,5kg
Bite: all teeth, scissor bite
Eyes: Clear from all eye diseases (4’2014, 3’2015, 4’2016, 9’2018)
Gonioscopy: clear (4’2014)
Hipscore: A
Ellbowscore: 0/0
OCD: free
Patella-Luxation: 0/0 (inofficial result)
IGS: n/n (normal)
CEA, CL und TNS: free by parentage and by DNA-Analysis (Slovgen)
MDR 1: +/+
Glaucoma DNA n/g (carrier)
Carrier of dilute, tricolor and sable. (D/d, Kk ay/at, B/B)


Xandro is a very friendly, open, cheerful and well-balanced male who is a pleasure to live with because he is so wonderfully uncomplicated. When dealing with dogs, he is very social, nice and tolerable. He always avoids conflicts. Xandro has very strong nerves, which he shows me in every situation. He always greets people and dogs in a friendly manner and quickly becomes everybody’s darling. Xandro can be taken anywhere from an early age, because he manages to be very relaxed in every situation and sleeps peacefully anywhere. For a long time, I tool Xandro often to my university, where he was a great companion and the star of the class both during class and during breaks. Since my other dogs tend to get excited, I appreciate Xandro for his incredibly relaxed and friendly nature. Owning such a lovely dog ​​is fantastic!
In training, Xandro is a calmly working Border Collie with a clear head and fortunately zero barking tendency. In obedience, in agility, at the weekly training sessions on the sheep and in all activities such as tricks, frisbee, etc., he shows concentration and speed, as well as a good willingness to work. He has a high play instinct and can work just as well for food. He is very easy to motivate and tries very hard to do his best. Since Xandro is very easy to handle and uncomplicated, it is great fun to work and live with him.


46 shows in total, 46 placements

International Champion
Austrian Champion
Serbian Champion
Bosnian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Slovakian Champion
Champion of Champions Hungary 2016
Slovakia Cup Winner Nitra 2014
Austrian Youth-Champion
BIS Puppy
Candidate for czech championship


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Results offspring

Currently, Xandro has sired 53 puppies; 25 males and 28 females. The smallest litter consisted of one puppy (AI) and the largest was 9 puppies. From these litters, 22 puppies have their x-rays done with brilliant results: 21x HD A, 1x HD B, 20x ED-clear, 16x OCD-clear, 1x OCD-positive on one shoulder. Two daughters were only hip-tested and three other puppies were only HD and ED-tested. Some czech and dutch puppies were also examined for spondylosis and were all clear. Furthermore, some puppies have done their ECVO eye examintion and all got perfectly clear results. Apart from one cryptorchid in a litter of 7 boys where all others had both testicles early and one bitch with a narrow scissorbite at the age of 8 weeks which develeoped into a normal adult bite, luckily no health issues were found in his offspring yet. To my knowledge, no missing teeth were reported. Xandro’s strongly producing his balanced type and until now, there was no puppy with too much white. His puppies are suitable both for shows, any kind of dogsport and make great familymembers. Of course, it’s possible to ship semen; he showed a really good quality (viability: 96%) when his sperm was examined in 2017 and 2020. All detailed health information as well as a picture to each puppy of Xandro can be found in Anadune; I always keep it up to date.


Herding 14 months

Obedience, heeling position

Agility, Foundations Class

Obedience & Slalom


Longieren – first try

Xandro likes herding sheep and doing some agility or obedience training. For most of the time, we focused mainly on Agility but right now, he’s taking herding lessons with Benni every week.
At home he enjoys to play frisbee and trickdogging.

You can find some more videos on our youtube-page and my facebook-profile!


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Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Bite my Dust of Borderwood – Serbia

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Justintime of Dreams Forever, Belgium

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Angels Never Die Aenid – Hungary

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Corral West’s Darkness Before Dawn – USA, AI

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Elegant Eywa od CidlinyAustria

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Heart of Jade from the lovely AnnieÖsterreich

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Precious little Diamond of CleverlandÖsterreich

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Blossom Locyka FitminAustria

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Dessy Austrian StonefieldÖsterreich

Xandro von den Buschchaoten x Sunny Blue Foxy FoxAustria


Some pictures of his offspring

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